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Wii Music did not exceed expectation

…in record sales. So far, after all the hype and advertisement for the Wii Music, it’s sold below 81,000 in Oct. But I really think that with the current economic crises, people are more tempted to use their money for food than for games, honestly.

When the NPD Group released its October sales figures yesterday, one title was noticeably absent from the top 10–Wii Music. For weeks, cash-flush Nintendo has been heavily hyping the title, the last of the “Big Four” nontraditional properties–along with Wii Sports, Wii Play, and Wii Fit–conceived to appeal to nongamers. It even brought out legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto to show off his latest creation to the US press.

Unfortunately, it seems not even a media blitz aided by the charms of the creator of Donkey Kong could spark Wii Music fever. According to raw NPD data, Wii Music sold just under 81,000 units in the 11 days after it went on sale on October 20. The number is merely a fraction of the 687,700 units Wii Fit moved domestically in a similar period when it went on sale on April 19.

Though many will blame the discordant live jam session at Nintendo’s E3 2008 conference for Wii Music’s lackluster debut, there are two more likely reasons. First and foremost, the rhythm genre is saturated, with Rock Band and Guitar Hero duking it out for supremacy as Rock Revolution, Ultimate Band, and others struggle to catch up.

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