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Civilization Revolution


Civilization Revolution is similar to the PC titles in the Civilization series. It is a turn based strategy game in which the player can take 16 different civilizations, each with special abilities, from prehistory to modern times and recent future. For the console version, the gameplay has been streamlined and simplified to make the game easier to play for newcomers to the series. A victory can be achieved in four ways: Domination (Capture all enemy capitals using battle methods), Technological (Win the space race to colonize Alpha Centauri by creating a spacecraft), Cultural (Build the United Nations), or Economic (Build the World bank). All of these have different requirements, such as a player controlling all of his or her respective opponents’ capital cities or gaining a large amount of resources. Many things affect what happens with your civilization and other civilizations like the terrain you built your cities on and that effects how successful your city becomes.

Civilization Revolution (full title: Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution, abbreviated title: Civ Rev) is a new iteration of Civilization being developed by Firaxis with Sid Meier as designer for Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A Wii version was originally expected but was put on indefinite hold. The lack of a PlayStation Portable version was attributed to a lack of development manpower.

There are 16 civilization leaders you can choose from, from cleopatra to queen elizabeth to mao zedong. Who would would you be?

Check out their trailer:

Official homepage

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