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Street Fighter IV teaser!

OMG it’s been almost 10 years since I’ve last seen Street Fighter. And now Street Fighter IV is coming out again. Fantastically, Capcom has been teasing us bit by bit with some videos here and there via it’s site. Hot Damn! When is it coming out? I still know how to do Chun Li’s Helicopter Kick and Ryu’s uppet cut! Holy, i sound like a geek now but I don’t care because i used to play Street Fighter everyday after school!

So what if I am a girl? :P

Check out their official website

Check out their first trailer guys!


We do not know yet which console it is going to come out on. *crosses fingers* XBOX PLEASE!

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Resident Evil 4 on Wii = Awesome


Resident Evil 4 is currently out now on the Wii and the ratings it got was really AWESOME; a 9.1 out of 10. This third person shooter game has been out a couple of years ago on the PS2 and even then it has awesome reviews. Imagine with a Wii and the actions you can do when you shoot a zombie in the head? ROCKIN’!

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition includes Wii Remote compatibility for numerous gameplay features such as aiming and shooting, reloading and a “search knife” function that aims the knife at the nearest enemy. Players can switch between the Wii Remote, the Gamecube Controller, and the Classic Controller at any time, depending on their preferred style of play.

The laser sight on guns is replaced with a circle reticule that flashes red (enemy) and green (no target). Furthermore, the reticule is always presented on the screen. The circle remains a faint grey color that keeps track of the player’s area of aim. Thus, it is possible to pre-aim at an enemy with one’s gun (except while using a scoped weapon, such as the rifle or rocket launcher,) i.e. aim with the grey reticule and draw the gun and it points in the direction of the original aim. This allows for quicker “pops” into a foe.

The Japanese version has its gore toned down and decapitations removed in the final product. The North American version remains uncensored.

The Wii Edition also includes the extra content from the PlayStation 2 and PC versions. The Amateur and Easy difficulty included in the Japanese version of the game are not present in the North American version. It was released in the America’s on June 19, 2007, and will be released in Europe on June 29. This version also includes a trailer for Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. In addition, the Wii Edition supports true 480p widescreen, as opposed to the letterbox of the GCN version. Otherwise, the visual quality remains similar to the GCN iteration.

The Japanese magazine Famitsu reviewed the game, with two editors giving the game a perfect 10 score, and the remaining both giving it a 9, resulting in a score of 38/40. The reviewers noted that the game’s improved controls offer something fresh and different. One reviewer said that the game offers the feeling of being closer to the action as well as upping the tension. Multiple reviewers agreed that even those who own the original will find something fun and enjoyable in this version. British magazine NGamer gave the Wii Edition a score of 96%, higher than the 95% given to the GameCube version. They praised the “ace visuals, controls and features” and commented on the fact that such an “exceptional package” was on sale for only £30, however when writing about the Wii controls they said “if you’ve played the GC version this won’t be as special”. IGN gave the game a 9.0, stating it was the superior edition, but doesn’t push the Wii like it did with Gamecube and PS2. Gamespot gave Wii Edition a score of 9.1, praising the new controls, but commenting on the lack of exclusive Wii features.

There are pros and cons. Read the review at Gamespot.


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Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions

My boyfriend was raving about this game since he saw the trailer on TV not too long ago. So I thought I’d check it out and the game does look cool. Check this trailer out and tell me if you don’t think it is :P

Yea so we don’t have an Xbox360, go figure…

So i read some pretty good reviews on this game. Reviews done by people who has played this game of course, duh..:P

So here’s the summary of the Pros and Cons of the game from G4 Tech’s X Play’s review:


* Awesome graphics
* Good level design
* Fun mechs and weapons
* Awesome multiplayer


* Some serious control issues
* Really annoying stumbling animation is hard to get up from in the middle of a firefight
* Interminable cutscenes
* Confusing story

Over all, they got a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Pretty good i think.

Read the entire review HERE.

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Japan predicts the hits of 2007

OK, now this is even weirder. In my last post, I said that 46% of people surveyed by Famitsu were not happy with the upcoming release of Dragon Quest IX. But the same magazine published a survey of what people thought would be the top 10 hit gaming products in 2007 and that very game made #2.

What a fickle bunch, those Japanese gamers.

The rest of the list:

#1 Wii — 412 votes
#2 Dragon Quest IX: Defenders of the Starry Sky — 122 votes
#3 Nintendo DS — 107 votes
#4 PLAYSTATION 3 — 56 votes
#5 Impossible To Tell — 50 votes
#6 Xbox 360 — 28 votes
#7 Final Fantasy XIII — 28 votes
#8 Metal Gear Solid 4 — 22 votes
#9 Blue Dragon — 16 votes
#10 Monster Hunter Portable 2nd — 15 votes

Looks like Nintendo is going to be coining money this year.



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The Girls of Tokyo Game Show

A week ago Muken and I went to the Tokyo Game Show 2006. Games are sometimes somewhat interesting but don’t usually look too nice in photos, and the only interesting stuff in my humble non-hardcore-gamer-otaku opinion was the Sony pavillion, but they put signs everywhere to forbid pictures to be shot.

So, I went with the crowd, and shot the booth girls instead…

See all 70 girls in this photoset.

(More after the jump…)




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Gyakuten Saiban 2 available in English!

There are next to no games in Japan available in English. You may be able to live without, but in the RPG genre, unless you can read Japanese, most gamers will just wait the extra months for the game to be released in the West with English text – if at all.

However! Happily, the good guys at Capcom have done us English-speakers a big favour by offering a game with both Japanese and English language options!

Gyakuten Saiban 2 (known as “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All” in English) is the sequel to the popular Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game for the Nintendo DS. Guide Phoenix Wright as he gathers evidence, interviews witnesses and wins cases in another episode of this great RPG franchise.

Because it’s on the Nintendo DS, there’s no regions to worry about, and no difference between PAL and NTSC systems. Plus, the Japanese version is apparently going to be released 2 months earlier than the Westernised releases. Bonus!

You can pre-order the game here (due out on October 26) for the cheap price of US$30 (approx US$3 for shipping to the States). Now, you can be all smug when you show your Japanese imported game to your friends, but still be able to play it uuntil you actually pick up those textbooks and study a few kanji.

Phoenix Wright 2 - Japanese version



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