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WTF? FIFA 2010 lets you play as Koizumi, Hatoyama

Here’s an interesting feature from the upcoming FIFA 2010 game from EA. There’s a secret legends team that will allow you to play as an assortment of famous presidents. Check out how fun it is to score goals as Obama, Bush, Mandela, Koizumi, and Hatoyama.

This looks absolutely mad. And the new skills that players can do in this game are pretty amazing as well. Check out the videos below: Read the rest of this entry »

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Soul Caliber 4

The game has been out for a while now and as such deserves a review. Story mode for the game is surprisingly short and disappointing. But the different characters and gameplay makes up for it.

The majority of the characters on Soulcalibur IV’s roster will also be familiar if you’re a fan of the series, though only around half of the 30-plus combatants are available at the outset, including Yoda on the Xbox 360 and Darth Vader on the PlayStation 3. Others are unlocked by defeating them in the single-player Story and Arcade modes, and by purchasing them with the gold that you’re awarded for winning fights. There’s more than enough variety on the roster to ensure that you can enjoy playing as at least a handful of different characters, and a robust customization system gives you the freedom both to edit their appearances and to create your own fighters from scratch.

Regardless of who you play as, Soulcalibur IV is accessible enough that even first-time players will have no trouble performing some powerful and great-looking moves. Rather than memorizing lengthy combo attacks and knowing how to attack your opponent, the challenge here comes from knowing when to attack, when to block, and when to sidestep around the arena. That’s not to say that the combatants in Soulcalibur IV don’t have impressively large repertoires of moves, because they do, it’s just that very few of them are tough to pull off.

Your goal in Soulcalibur IV, of course, is to defeat your opponent by depleting his or her health bar. Alternately, you can win by knocking your opponent out of the “ring,” which is possible in almost all of the game’s beautifully realized arenas. New to the series–though reminiscent of a feature in 1997’s Soul Blade–is the soul-gauge system, which appears alongside the health bar and changes color if you spend too much of your time blocking attacks and not retaliating with your own. When the gauge turns red and your health bar starts flashing, you’re just an attack or two away from entering a defenseless “soul crush” state, at which point your opponent can perform a one-hit-kill critical-finish move. It takes a long time for that to happen, so the soul gauge isn’t always an effective deterrent as far as overly defensive players are concerned, but it at least discourages online players from trying to score cheap victories simply by landing a couple of blows and then blocking until the time runs out.

Read the rest of the review here

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I think EA should do a hostile takeover

Don’t you?

I mean they offered USD2billion for this wee company called Take 2 and they turned it down. Yes, you heard me, they turned USD2 billion down. What morons. I’d say do a Deal or No Deal and lower the price as their second move or just let Take 2 face the consequences of a lawsuit. Geez.

Back in February, Electronic Arts made a $2 billion offer for Take-Two, which Take-Two promptly turned down, stating that it didn’t believe it was enough.

Later in the month, Take-Two made it known that EA was not the only suitor it had and also secured severance plans for its employees in the result of being taken over and downsized.

However, by the beginning of this week, some of the company’s shareholders were getting restless. Two major stockholders ditched a percentage of their Take-Two stock, and one shareholder filed a lawsuit against the company for not exploring EA’s offer.

Everyone’s been waiting to see what EA’s next move would be: Would the company put a higher offer on the table or attempt a hostile takeover? Today, the megapublisher has decided on the latter, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Electronic Arts has now confirmed that it will be taking its offer directly to the shareholders of the Grand Theft Auto IV and BioShock 2 publisher at the same price it originally gave–$26 a share.

read the rest of the article here…

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Sucky EA

This is a rant post about EA Sports’ NHL 07 online play. The online plays are buggy as hell with games that screw up in the middle. It’s like the folks at EA put the game up online and didn’t make any plans on maintaining it. As a result, players from around the world bitch, rant, moan and groan whenever their game freezes. Also, there is this problem in looking to pair up for only games – it takes 10 minutes before the interface stop F.U.B.A.R.-ing and then it’s up to the high heavens to stop it from freezing mid game. EA Sports Sucks ASS. BOO.

Does anyone have the same problems with online play via XBOX?

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Burnout Paradise hitting the stores in Jan 22, and random stuff.

If you like racing games, you’re going to love Burnout Paradise. Check out their trailer:

It is going to hit stores in Jan 22 of 2008 so be prepared. Console of choice is, yet again the XBox 360. Geez, the XBox360 is churning out a lot of good games lately. Sony better pick up their pace – it’s pointless to be all egoistical about their blu-ray if it won’t sell. I know Burnout Paradise is coming out on PS3 too but I am talking about generally. XBox360 beats PS3 in popularity, hands down. Okay, maybe I am bit harsh – but maybe Sony PS3 came out a little too early. I am glad they lowered their price for a start though.


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I love role playing games and Hellgate looks like it’s bent for my wrath! It’s only available on PC – where’s the XBox360’s dudes?? Anyway, it looks like a cool game, with a great story line.

Check out their trailer:


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Order of Phoenix, out on PS3


Harry Potter: Order of Phoenix

Harry Potter fans, you can watch the OFFICIAL trailer of The Order of Phoenix game on your PS3s now. BTW, the graphics looks very real, thanks to PS3’s awesome innards. :D

I am an OK fan of Harry Potters movie as I thought initially in the first and second installment of the movie, the acting was rather bad and woodlike. I guess it’s because Daniel Radcliff was young and inexperience. Anyway, i grew to like him after a few installments. One have to appreciate the books and the storyline to actually understand and like the movie. Otherwise, in the words of my partner, Harry Potter is AWFUL. And unfortunately, he may not be the only one who thinks so too.

But now, i think the Harry Potter installments are more mature and would appeal to the old crowd since Mr. Radcliffe has snagged himself a pretty fine following who thinks he’s awfully gorgeous. Who over here thinks Daniel is hot?

You can view the trailer from Gamespot.

or here

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