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bit Generations

Remember a while ago I wrote about the GameBoy Micro display in Shibuya? An almost artistic display that was conveniently being used to promote the upcoming bit Generation games for the Gamboy Advance.

Nintendo Bit Generations

Well, Nintendo’s website about the new bit Generation games has now gone live. They seem to be a collection of unique games with the imagination and creativity of the Katamari franchise. They are selling for 2000 yen each and can be imported for approximately US$25.

Unfortunately the website is only in Japanese, but with enough interest, localisation may be possible. Although that would probably increase the price somewhat from these bargain prices.

bit Generations
Joystiq’s article on the launch


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Game Boy Micro Display

The downside to having created the world’s most popular hand-held console, is that the other consoles in your catalogue tend to get forgotten.

All over Japan, DS Lites and DS consoles are selling out. Fans have still been camping out in front of shops, waiting for the next shipment. I’m told that it’s getting easier to buy them, and pre-orders are generally being accepted now, but the demand of the DS Lite particularly is mind-blowing.

So much so that the teeny tiny little Game Boy Micro had been neglected. It’s sales have been dropping and to be hionest, I’d forgotten it existed until I saw this article at Kotaku.

Image from

Nintendo have set up a quite artistic display in Shibuya’s Parco department store, to advertise quite artistic games. Known as the “Bit Generations”, these games have all been released recently for the GameBoy. They’re mainly puzzle games it seems. Seems interesting though. Worth taking a look at if you’re in Shibuya.

Nintendo’s 60 Game Boy Micro Demo In Shibuya – Kotaku


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Mother 3 – Now With Release Date!

The following is quoted from Shigesato Itoi’s web site and translated by NattyBumppo (translation source:

Mother 3’s release date has been set. It will be April 20th, 2006 (Thursday). At least it’s spring. It’ll go on sale before the start of Golden Week. We’ll be doing an official announcement pretty soon, but this is the “final” date. Once the release date is set, there are no more additions of new specs or anything like that. We’ll no longer be able to fiddle around with anything in the game, unless it’s something especially important. It makes me a little sad, but I can’t be selfish. Since it’s GameBoy Advance software, that naturally means that you’ll also be able to play it on the Nintendo DS that everyone’s so crazy about these days.

This means that after 11 long years, not only do we have a solid platform announcement, but an actual date! It’s unknown still how much this game will resemble Mother, Mother II or even the original Mother III demo that was planned for the N64 Disk Drive…but let’s hope that the large amount of fan support that’s been garnered will help make the game a success!

No North American release dates are in the works yet.


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Mother 3 Actually Happening?

Ness, the protagonist of Mother 2, image from Super Smash Brothers Melee

Mother creator Shigesato Itoi has revealed on his official news site that his much beloved RPG series is far from dead, contrary to some fan speculation. In fact, its third title, Mother 3, is expected to see a release on the Game Boy Advance this coming spring!

This news provides quite a surprise given how long Mother 3 has been in the making, as well as how long it’s seemingly been cancelled [12 years]. Fans no doubt remember the title as the series’ formerly intended 3D debut, originally announced for the Nintendo 64 – a few years prior to the console’s launch – as a follow-up to the largely successful Mother 2 (known as EarthBound in North America).

Source: Caves of Narshe

UPDATE: It seems RPGamer has also reported on this yesterday, and they have provided a link to a teaser website Nintendo has set up. As mentioned by Itoi, it gives us a Spring ballpark release and a price quote of 4,800 yen.

…after all those rumours and cancelled plans (after all, the N64 version was scrapped pretty late in development) I still can’t believe it’s actually happening!

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The Final Fantasy Rerelease Flood

Image courtesy of SquareEnixIt was welcome news to many Final Fantasy series fans that Square was back on good terms with Nintendo, and though they’re still primarily on Sony consoles, we’ve had a slew of announcements lately about games for the DS and GBA…more specifically, ported games which are being rehauled for their new releases, some of them after lying ten years dormant.

The most widely publicized (again) is Final Fantasy III for the DS, a game which was originally on the Famicom and has never seen a remake or been published outside of Japan. North Americans will get their first legal English shot at playing this one. Japanese gamers will enjoy the updated graphics (according to IGN, they will be 3-D) and music.

III (or any other Famicom release) never saw quite the popularity the Super Famicom titles did, which is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise that another upcoming release, for the GBA this time, will be Final Fantasy IV. It is likely that the version ported will be the original Hardtype version, which was also the version used for the Final Fantasy Chronicles Playstation release. (Whether or not another game will be on the cart is yet unknown.) SquareEnix has launched a splash page for the upcoming Final Fantasy IV for ADVANCE website complete with images of the custom faceplate that will be available for the GBA Micro, and brand-new artwork from original FF illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. A micro + FFIV bundle will be available for preorder.

Finally, as though III and IV weren’t big enough news, SquareEnix has also confirmed their plans to release Final Fantasies V and VI (the latter of which is arguably the most popular title of the sprited games), as a set, also on the GBA. They will be released following IV, and all three Super Famicom titles will be “updated” – whether this means new video animation (the FMVs from the Playstation releases are pretty much useless on a 16-bit console) or other features is unclear at this time, but we do know that new towns and bosses at least will be featured.

The street date for IV in North America is December 12, and December 15th in Japan. The other games do not yet have solid release plans.

Source: IGN
And you can get a preview of some of the game images by heading over to The Magic Box!


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Inside the Game Boy Micro Tech Review

Tech-On! has published a review of the Game Boy Micro that is a bit more eloquent than my “it’s pretty cool but it’s a really small screen and for that price, I’m just gonna stick with my Game Boy Advance SP because, you know…”

They invited a couple of videogame consoles experts so they go a little bit deeper, tech-wise. The nerd in you should enjoy knowing about details such as “The main board consists of two pieces, which are connected together with a flexible substrate used to absorb distortion”, right?
Read the article…

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Everyone is losing money (Nintendo and Sony, that is…)

It’s in the Nikkei so it’s news: first Sony Dips Into the Red, then Nintendo Logs Two-Digit Decline in Sales and Income.

Regarding Sony’s results for the 1Q of 2005, in short they are in the red, apparently because they didn’t sell enough TVs and MemorySticks. The good news is that the game segment is up 64% compared to last year, but they are still losing even more money than last year in that department too. Sony says this is due to an increase in the advertisement and R&D expenses.

Nintendo’s 2005 Q1 is not that good either, actually it dropped 14% compared to the figures last year. Sales of the Nintendo DS exceeded 1.38 million units during this period, but it’s still much lower than the 5.27 million units of the first four months. But they are still hopeful, and apparently Nintendogs is selling well. Sales of the Game Boy Advance and the GameCube dropped 60% too. Nintendo says they are not too worried because the Holiday season should balance it all nicely.

Buy more!!


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GameBoy Micro overpriced?

It’s Engadget who confirmed it: in case you still have very tiny figers and very good glasses, you might be interested to know that the GameBoy Micro will be retailed $99 starting on September 19 (in the US, that is. Europe will start on November 4th). Which means about 20 bucks cheaper than a Nintendo DS. Now the joke will be about tiny fingers, big glasses, AND too much money to burn…

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Game Boy Micro introduced in Japan on September 13, perhaps.

Rumor has it that Engadget reports that Next Generation said that some people in Japan may have hinted that Nintendo could be introducing the Game Boy Micro in Japan on September 13th. Engadget adds that it would be the 20th anniversary of the release of Super Mario Bros. for the Famicom, and they might have heard somewhere that special Mario games could be released alongside the Game Boy Micro.

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More news about playing your own games on a PSP

More news about playing your own games on a PSPWe don’t want to encourage anyone to steal nor cheat, nor copy illegally. This is not about piracy really, but rather about the size of the developpers community gathering around the PSP. It is almost like Sony wants this to happen, to boost the sales of the device and win the Nintendo DS vs PSP war.

There is a theory out there that one reason of the success of the original PlayStation was that CDs were easily copied. This seems to apply again to the PSP and the use of MemoryStick to copy games and movies and everything. Sony makes money when a blank CDR is sold, and the same applies to MemorySticks too…

Anyway, there are a lot of articles out there about what is happening, and if you are into what is already possible or not, it is amazing to see what people are doing with their PSP a few months after it was released.

PSP Launcher released for Lumines
So the PSP Launcher for running homebrew code on your PSP has been out for a couple of weeks, and now the commercial cat appears to be out of the bag.

Latest PSP firmware apparently cracked
A video file released to a Web site for PlayStation Portable independent developers, appears to show an independently developed “Hello, World” test application running from memory stick, on a newer model PSP with firmware version 1.5.

KXploit (Direct Loader!) v1.50 RELEASED!
As promised once again by the PSP-Dev Team; they’ve now released their non-swap 1.50 homebrew loader entitled KXploit!
This method DOES NOT require you to swap memory sticks.

HomebrewPSP Converter
RnSKSoftronics, the makers of iPSP, have put together a Mac program capable of getting all these homebrew games working on your PSP without having to swap memory sticks: HomebrewPSP Converter. It is free.

xmame for PSP
Arcade emulator for the PSP :)
Only works with Omega Fighter at this time. Left and Right on Dpad is OK :)
(The SlashDot post)

Game Boy Advance emulator for PSP
Next on the block just so happens to be a Game Boy Advance emulator. Sure, it won’t play roms larger than 16MB, but damn if every time a new emu comes out it isn’t a Nintendo console generation more advanced than the last.

PSP UAE v0.1 released
A port of the UAE Amiga Emulator for PSP! It runs at about 75-80% of a real Amiga 500 speed, but some games are definitely playable such as E-Motion and Rick Dangerous. The source code is included, and future versions may include such features as a menu, sound, disk selection, and keyboard emulation.

Oh, and in case you were wondering if you can get into trouble when buying a PSP overseas, don’t worry: apparently not. According to Engadget, Sony is going after the grey market resellers, not the buyers.

Sony is expressly denying the rumors that they’re pressing those online retailers to give them their customer data so they can find out who exactly who has bought one.

Again, it is Sony’s best interest that a few get the device before everyone else, and make street-level viral marketing buzz about how cool it is. Prove me wrong, but I think they would certainly not want this to stop…


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