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98Koshien’s amazing pitching glitch

So there’s this baseball video game from Japan called 98Koshien, and apparently you can control what kind of a delivery movement the pitcher goes through in his wind-up. If you take a look at this video, you’ll see that maybe the video game developers are now regretting their decision.

Maybe they should have stuck with the standard wind-up?

Or maybe this one is WAY BETTER!! Read the rest of this entry »

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Metal Gear Solid 4 Demo

Metal Gear Solid 4

Kojima, director of Konami, gave a full fledge 20 minute demo on Metal Gear Solid at the Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation Premiere 2007 press conference in the massive Roppongi Hills complex on the 17th July 2007.

The demo, which lasted a full 20 minutes, began in the same unnamed Middle Eastern locale as previous MGS4 game trailers. Snake started out on the second floor of a ruined building. Looking down, he saw tons of rubble from the remnants of buildings obliterated by warfare. The landscape was particularly detailed, with walls broken into various shapes and surrounding buildings uniquely damaged. When Snake zoomed in on the walls using a scope named Solid Eye (after the 3D glasses from Metal Gear Acid 2), they showed a high level of detail with little or no pixelation up close.

While previous installments in the MGS series had Snake infiltrating areas that were guarded by a single superpower or army, the situation is vastly different in MGS4. The demo shows two different factions–professional PMC (Private Military Company) mercenaries, and civilian guerrillas, who were losing because they were less experienced. The demo started out quietly, with both sides just patrolling. By the end, though, there were explosions all over the place.

During the demo, Kojima had Snake side with the civilian army to help take out the PMC soldiers. Given that the PMC soldiers were wearing beige camouflage, it was difficult to spot them in the sandy fields and grayish walls. Kojima had Snake switch to thermal goggles to detect them, and then return to the normal scope to zoom in.

Read the entire article here…

The rest of us who were not at the convention can check out the trailer here…

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