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Dreamcasts’ sold out!

Dreamcast (ドリームキャスト, Dorīmukyasuto?, code-named Dural, Dricas, Vortex, and Katana during development) is Sega’s fifth and final video game console and the successor to the Sega Saturn. An attempt to recapture the console market with a next-generation system, it was designed to supersede the PlayStation and Nintendo 64. Originally released sixteen months before the PlayStation 2 (PS2), and three years before the Nintendo GameCube and the Xbox, Dreamcast was generally considered to be ahead of its time and was initially successful at restoring Sega’s reputation in the gaming industry. However, it failed to gather enough momentum before the release of the PlayStation 2 in March 2000, and Sega decided to discontinue Dreamcast the following year, withdrawing entirely from the console hardware business.


They’ve decided to reproduce Dreamcasts again and it SOLD OUT! People are buying man…they’re buying, so make more.

Look, evidence!


No more Dreamcast on the shelf

Source: Kotaku


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GameCube un-plugged


Game Cube

Nintendo has officially pulled the plug on GameCube. Say bye bye to the big purple box. Why was it discontinued? Well, Nintendo’s other babies are just simply doing better than GameCube and games are better too in the other consoles – not to say that GameCube has bad games, in fact some of their games are real good to play. So it’s not suprising that GameCube’s sales have been dwindling for a while now.

Well, it turns out there’s a perfectly good explanation for the GameCube’s spiraling numbers. GameDaily’s interview was with none other than Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo of America’s doyenne of publicity. With surprising frankness, she told the AOL-owned publication straight-out that Nintendo has officially pulled the plug on its perky purple box.

“Are we producing any more GameCubes? No,” Kaplan said bluntly. “But do we have the inventory there for people to still purchase? Yes.” She went on to also say that Nintendo is no longer developing any GameCube titles, which is tantamount to a deathblow for the first-party-game-dependent console.

“You’re a core gamer; you wouldn’t buy a GameCube. It’s not aimed at you anymore,” she continued. “But it’s still a great starter system because of all the great games.”

Bye bye GameCube!

Read more about on GameSpot!

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The Girls of Tokyo Game Show

A week ago Muken and I went to the Tokyo Game Show 2006. Games are sometimes somewhat interesting but don’t usually look too nice in photos, and the only interesting stuff in my humble non-hardcore-gamer-otaku opinion was the Sony pavillion, but they put signs everywhere to forbid pictures to be shot.

So, I went with the crowd, and shot the booth girls instead…

See all 70 girls in this photoset.

(More after the jump…)




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How Japan Sees America

This should probably be in the News section but it’s sourced from a Sega game, so in here it goes.

Tengai Makyou: Daishi no Mokushiroku (The 4th Apocalypse) is a parodical Sega Saturn RPG. Apparently the first three games take place in Japan, but the fourth is set in America. This is an annotated map made by Andrew at from the original map that comes with the game and it’s worth a look.

This map is basically what would happen if you got a bunch of Japanese guys in a room, got them drunk, and then asked them to draw what they could remember about America on a bar napkin.

Mind you, I reckon they did a much better job than Americans could if they were asked to draw Japan or any other country in the world, for that matter.

How Japan Sees America


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Mother 3 – Now With Release Date!

The following is quoted from Shigesato Itoi’s web site and translated by NattyBumppo (translation source:

Mother 3’s release date has been set. It will be April 20th, 2006 (Thursday). At least it’s spring. It’ll go on sale before the start of Golden Week. We’ll be doing an official announcement pretty soon, but this is the “final” date. Once the release date is set, there are no more additions of new specs or anything like that. We’ll no longer be able to fiddle around with anything in the game, unless it’s something especially important. It makes me a little sad, but I can’t be selfish. Since it’s GameBoy Advance software, that naturally means that you’ll also be able to play it on the Nintendo DS that everyone’s so crazy about these days.

This means that after 11 long years, not only do we have a solid platform announcement, but an actual date! It’s unknown still how much this game will resemble Mother, Mother II or even the original Mother III demo that was planned for the N64 Disk Drive…but let’s hope that the large amount of fan support that’s been garnered will help make the game a success!

No North American release dates are in the works yet.


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FFX for the Famicom

Image from Usamimi.infoSeriously.

A group of Japanese gamers has designed in full a playable copy (for your computer, not your console, sadly) of Final Fantasy X – but for the Famicom. An English translation is supposedly pending, so all I did was peruse the screenshots available on, which (some of them were even animated) were VERY interesting. If you’re into retro gaming or Final Fantasy at all, this is worth checking out!

Source: Gamers Daily

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The Final Fantasy Rerelease Flood

Image courtesy of SquareEnixIt was welcome news to many Final Fantasy series fans that Square was back on good terms with Nintendo, and though they’re still primarily on Sony consoles, we’ve had a slew of announcements lately about games for the DS and GBA…more specifically, ported games which are being rehauled for their new releases, some of them after lying ten years dormant.

The most widely publicized (again) is Final Fantasy III for the DS, a game which was originally on the Famicom and has never seen a remake or been published outside of Japan. North Americans will get their first legal English shot at playing this one. Japanese gamers will enjoy the updated graphics (according to IGN, they will be 3-D) and music.

III (or any other Famicom release) never saw quite the popularity the Super Famicom titles did, which is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise that another upcoming release, for the GBA this time, will be Final Fantasy IV. It is likely that the version ported will be the original Hardtype version, which was also the version used for the Final Fantasy Chronicles Playstation release. (Whether or not another game will be on the cart is yet unknown.) SquareEnix has launched a splash page for the upcoming Final Fantasy IV for ADVANCE website complete with images of the custom faceplate that will be available for the GBA Micro, and brand-new artwork from original FF illustrator Yoshitaka Amano. A micro + FFIV bundle will be available for preorder.

Finally, as though III and IV weren’t big enough news, SquareEnix has also confirmed their plans to release Final Fantasies V and VI (the latter of which is arguably the most popular title of the sprited games), as a set, also on the GBA. They will be released following IV, and all three Super Famicom titles will be “updated” – whether this means new video animation (the FMVs from the Playstation releases are pretty much useless on a 16-bit console) or other features is unclear at this time, but we do know that new towns and bosses at least will be featured.

The street date for IV in North America is December 12, and December 15th in Japan. The other games do not yet have solid release plans.

Source: IGN
And you can get a preview of some of the game images by heading over to The Magic Box!


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Happy Birthday Playstation!

Image obtained from Wikipedia Last week marked the 10th anniversary of the original Playstation (also known as PSX)’s debut on the market, a move which permanently changed the gaming industry – most will agree, for the better. In commemoration, 1up has put together an awesome article on the history of the system that’s a great trip down video game memory lane. Check it out here!

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Super Mario Bros. 3 – From Japanese to English

When you think you have too much time and you just feel like watching TV all day, always remember that somewhere on Earth, there is someone with even more time to waste than you do. That was the case of Super Mario Bros. 3 fan Jonathan Miller, over at, who made a web page about the details which were changed when Super Mario Bros. 3 was adapted from Japanese to English. That gives us little gems like:

1½ extra seconds
In Super Mario Bros. 3, starting a level from the map screen causes the screen to fill in with black, starting from the edges — then the level starts. It is no different in the Japanese version, except that before the level starts, there is a fade-in of sorts. Below is an animated .GIF for your viewing convenience.

And I dare ask: where would we be with this piece of information? The world just became a better place…

Also on this page, a link to yet another page about Super Mario Bros. 3. This one is more about general information. But you should learn it by heart too, anyway. It features an overview, screen shots, reviews, jokes and references, and more…

Ok, one more newsworthy quote before you go:

With all that said, it is interesting to note that neither the Japanese nor American versions of SMB3 in Super Mario All-Stars are based on their respective NES versions. Instead, both games contain an amalgamation of the Japanese and English versions, with the level changes (such as the world 1-1 Fortress) remaining from English version, along with the graphic “gimmicks” (like the suit flying off effect) from the Japanese one.

You have to read that at least once before go on with your life.

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Rockman Remake

Image from EG. Because it was too cute to resist. EG, this Japanese game site, details (as far as my sketchy translation skills can tell me) a re-release of the first original Rockman (Mega Man overseas) game with updated graphics for the PSP. According to the article, though Rockman was not initially popular at its release in 1987, it has since gained fame. It’s expanded into five different series with dozens upon dozens of games.

The Rockman remake will be unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show from September 17th – 18th.

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