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Gyakuten Saiban 2 available in English!

There are next to no games in Japan available in English. You may be able to live without, but in the RPG genre, unless you can read Japanese, most gamers will just wait the extra months for the game to be released in the West with English text – if at all.

However! Happily, the good guys at Capcom have done us English-speakers a big favour by offering a game with both Japanese and English language options!

Gyakuten Saiban 2 (known as “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All” in English) is the sequel to the popular Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game for the Nintendo DS. Guide Phoenix Wright as he gathers evidence, interviews witnesses and wins cases in another episode of this great RPG franchise.

Because it’s on the Nintendo DS, there’s no regions to worry about, and no difference between PAL and NTSC systems. Plus, the Japanese version is apparently going to be released 2 months earlier than the Westernised releases. Bonus!

You can pre-order the game here (due out on October 26) for the cheap price of US$30 (approx US$3 for shipping to the States). Now, you can be all smug when you show your Japanese imported game to your friends, but still be able to play it uuntil you actually pick up those textbooks and study a few kanji.

Phoenix Wright 2 - Japanese version



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