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The Greatest Game of All Time – Grand Theft Auto


Grand Theft Auto 3

What seems to be the most controversial is also the greatest game of all time. What’s not to complain about stealing cars, shooting people, sleeping with the boss’ wife and treason? The Trilogies of Grand Theft Auto, all playable in PS2, is by far the best games on PS 2 ever!

Some even said GTA laid the path for for future games to follow. And I shall concur. Gone are the days when villains are computers and the good guys are us anymore. It’s cool to be the bad guy and sometimes it’s touching too. Just like in the Godfather, what’s the pride is killing people and dealing with illegal drugs and weapons? Well, not something noble but human nonetheless.

Of course, GTAIII generated plenty of controversy when it was first released. After all, a game that lets you pick up a hooker, have sex with her, and then rob and murder her is going to raise a few eyebrows. What you have to understand about the game is that it’s not the senseless violence and mature themes that made it fun–violent games have existed for years. What made Grand Theft Auto III fun was the way it was so cleverly designed to keep you entertained despite a relative lack of structure. Essentially, GTAIII gave you the freedom to entertain yourself, which in this case proved much more effective than holding your hand and dragging you through a rigidly organized series of challenges. Grand Theft Auto III defied all expectations of what a video game must be and delivered a gameplay experience unlike any other. And for that, it’s without a doubt one of the greatest games of all time.


Watch the trailer for the latest GTA3:

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Tomb Raider: Anniversary


Is it me or is the face of Lara Croft forever changing? In the first Tomb Raider game 10 years ago, and the new ones now, it seems like to me she’s always changing her face…but anyway, that’s not as important as the game, of course. It was just an observation of mine. Eidos have decided to remake the old Tomb Raider game by giving it better graphics, better control and better moves with Tomb Raider:Anniversary. So no more point bosoms or jerky moves from Miss Croft. The locations in the new game is the same as the old one, with lots of memorable locations. But the game now has a fresh puzzle and moves to look forward to. You’ll still remember names like Pierre Dupont, the Scion and others… we last saw Lara in Peru when she learnt that another scion has been found in Greece by Dupont so off she fled only to be greeted by hungry lions. Now, that’s a memory refresher for you.

PS2, PSP, and PC owners will get their chance to experience Lara’s first adventure in Tomb Raider: Anniversary on June 5.

Look at their official trailer:

Source: Gamespot

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Father of PlayStation retires

ken.jpgKen Kutaragi is retiring from Sony at the age of 56. Ah i’d like to thank him for creating PS series for our enjoyment. I’m a fan of PS, there is no doubt about it.

Kutaragi commented, “I am happy to graduate from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. after introducing four platforms to the PlayStation family. It has been an exciting experience to change the world of computer entertainment by marrying cutting-edge technologies with creative minds from all over the world. I’m looking forward to building on this vision in my next endeavours.

Aww Ken, can’t wait :D

Source: Gamespot


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Kingdom Hearts II

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about game yet. There are the good and bad to this game but let’s start with the good first. Kingdom Hearts II is probably the most fun game ever. It’s better than FF in my humble opinion because the storyline and the manoevering of the game is such a joyride. Gamespot even gave it an 8.7. We know how “generous” these guys are with their ratings. Although the game is old, if you haven’t played it, you should.

Now for the bad part, I thought the characters looked really weird because they had hands and feet as big as their head. I mean, i know Goofy was in the cameo appearance but the characters didn’t have to look goofy, you know what i mean? Well, that was the ONLY setback to me…not that it’s really a setback since the game is unaffected by the character’s appearance :P

Check out their trailer!

Oh and Utada Hikaru is the singer for the game’s soundtrack..:)

Source: Gamespot


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Destroy All Humans 1&2

Destroy All Humans

Now peeps, if you have a PS2, do get this game, Destroy All Humans 1&2. I can guarantee you the fun, humour and the rolling on the carpet at the conversations that goes on in that game. It’s just fun to play and you get to be Crypto, an alien from the Furon race that’s one a mission to collect DNA in earth so that he could reproduce his species.

Your missions include fighting beside a hot Russian spy babe, KGB agents, hippies, ninjas, and mutated agents that looked like the Swamp Thing. Of course, you cannot forget the anal probe and the brain extraction method that Crypto can execute on innocent people as well as enemies. Being an alien on rampage is definitely something everyone wishes s/he could do.

Just play the game already, will ya?

Here’s a video clip:

Destroy all humans (it’s dubbed in japanese for some reason)

Destroy all humans 2

Source: Destroy All Humans

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God of War II

I posted about God of War I previously and i told you guys how awesome the game is. Well, God of War II is even better. You have the same Kratos, same almost everything but better stuff to play with. Man…I love games like these.

Check out the trailer:

I’m so ecstatic I think i’m gonna pee in my pants. I love games like this and Kratos reminds me of King Leonidas in 300 or should it be the other way around? Anyway, both of them are just hot. If any of you haven’t watched 300, let me just say this…the movie is not for pansies. So you have to accept the gore and brutality of the ancient Spartan time or move on to your other movie fluff. Same goes for God of War’s not for pansies and big babies either :P

You can read the review for God of War II HERE.

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More PS2 games playable in PS3

With software emulation, more than 1000 PS2 games can now be played in PS3. Good. I never could understand why can’t Sony just create a newer console that can play games from its predecessors. It’ll make life so much easier. I know, I know… the software is different, the laser reader is to, la la la la but a girl can bit*h, can’t she? :)

Sony Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison has now given out numbers–he told semiofficial blog Three Speech that more than 1,000 PS2 games will be playable on the new models at launch, with further updates over time adding more to the list.

What is a semi official blog anyway? Does that mean he can write about his personal life as well as his work life too? *shrugs* Anyway, according to Phil, Sony will be concentrating on making the “big” games from PS2 work on PS3. But he refuses to draw which ones are and not – i guess it will be up to us to play the russian roulette; pop it in and see if it works.

To read the entire article, go to

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Silent Hill Maid Cafe

Image from

The most recent game to be made into a movie is Silent Hill, and it’s being promoted now in Japan. To help with the marketing, a maid cafe called Maid In Japan (ha ha) has set up posters, put themed food on the menu, and temporarily changed their maid outfits to what appears to be zombie nurse uniforms.

Were there even nurses in Silent Hill? I dunno, I never played it, and I doubt I’ll watch the movie either.

More photos and details from Kotaku.


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Drum Master

One of the most popular arcade games in Japan at the moment is Drum Master by Taito. It can be played with one or two players (or on Playstation 2), and the idea is to hit the drum or drum edge at the right time. Little smily faces fly across the screen to indicate when you hit the drum, Dance Dance Revolution style.

One of the nice things about this game is that there’s a rotating playlist of songs that you can drum along to. They are usually top 40 songs but three’s also a selection of anime themes. There’s also varying levels of difficulty. You can play for 2 rounds with 1 credit. The price of 1 game will vary in every arcade.

In Akihabara, there’s an arcade that opens out to the street, with a Drum Master machine literally on the pavement. Some people practice the game until they can show off to a large audience in Akiba on a Sunday afternoon. The audience is usually as intriguing as the person who’s memorised the game. Once I had to squeeze past two maids, a decorer, and this guy dressed up as Winnie The Pooh who were watching someone showing off their skills at the game.

This video was found via Kotaku, and it’s standard fare on a Sunday arvo in Akihabara.

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A Real Harem Game

When I heard that there was a new harem game, I wondered why on earth would the gaming sites make a post about just another Japanese ‘H’ (ecchi) game? The games are common enough, with storylines along the lines of the anime/manga Love Hina. One boy who’s socially inept finds himself surrounded by beautiful girls that all fall in love with him in turn. Generally the games tend to show naked flesh after that. Well, naked animated-pixellated-censored flesh.


It turns out that this harem game is actually about the real type of harem – you know, rich, powerful blokes who buy beautiful ladies to surround himself with.


As written by Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku:

In Ohokuki for the PS2, Tokiko, orphaned after her father committed suicide, enters the household of a Tokugawa Shogun. She tries to rise through the ranks, hoping to become the clan’s dominant female. How? Players do things like sneak about and easedrop on conversations, collecting data cards along the way…The more cards helps raise your status. Also, things like manner are important, giving the game a very dignified feel.

The concept is actually quite interesting. Localisation isn’t likely, but I think it might get added to my Japanese language game collection.

Ohokuki official website (only in Japanese)

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