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Jackass the videogame

Unfortunately, I think this game is going to be extremely popular with kids.

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Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe

I have always been a big fan of mortal combat. My favorite character in the game is Sub Zero because I like how i can freeze my opponent’s ass whenever I want and inflict a lot of damage. And now, they’ve come out with a game where Sub Zero can now beat the shit out of Batman. I cannot wait to get my hands on this game…the two worlds are definitely colliding. Watch the trailer.

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Devil May Cry 4 – a short review

We were playing Devil May Cry 4 and thought it was quite good. Firstly the graphics were impressive and the characters flawless. Almost too flawless but isn’t all anime characters. Ladies with big boobs, men with flawless skin and asian features with blue eyes and blond hair. They are like the better version of harajuku girls and boys, or should say, they are the inspiration for the j-fashion culture.

The game started with a story and a beautiful female protagonist singing in a church-like establishment for a ceremony while the main character, Nero is seen running against time to catch her show. No doubt there is a romantic link between the two, the good girl + the bad boy, cliche but always a winner. The usual boy fancies girl but is too proud to show is extended throughout the movie – I personally dislike the whole courting theory but I may be a minority. So the game starts with the assassination of the master of ceremony, an old crusty guy in a vatican-like gear and a tall hat resembling the KKK, by an assassin who looks a lot like an older version of Nero. You will learn your skills here as the game integrates you into this moves.

At first, you are thrilled that you can hack and whack Cirque Du Soleil type of demons with wooden stilt legs, some are equipped with blades for a left/right foot. You can also shoot them with a gun. It almost never kills them unless you do your sword combos with. The good thing about the gun is that if you kill those demons with it, you will get green orbs that gives sustenance to your life and the red orbs which you can use to increase your skill. The graphics were excellent, the monuments and clips in between your games to tell the story is as real as Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within movie.

My only gripe with DMC 4 is that I find the battles to be a tad repetitive. And combat mode to be a little messy when you’re hacking more than 3 monsters/demons at the same time. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good game simply because you want to know its ending.

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PS3 sales spike thanks to MGS4

Of course, it is the ONLY reason why they would have more sales. Metal Gear Solid 4 is a great game and PS peeps are smart enough to make it platform exclusive for themselves because otherwise, they have no edge against other consoles.

With the launch of Rockstar Games’ multiplatform Grand Theft Auto IV in April, many industry watchers expected both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to experience a significant boost in hardware sales. However, that expectation proved to be unfounded. Although GTAIV floored critics and went on to log a record-breaking $500 million in first-week sales, neither console was impacted in a meaningful way by the release. With Sony releasing the equally lauded console-exclusive Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots in June, the latest NPD Group sales figures reveal the importance of exclusive games in the console-sales race.

According to NPD’s sales statistics for the month of June, Sony’s PlayStation 3 benefitted substantially from the release of Konami and Kojima Production’s top-rated action adventure, logging 405,500 units for the month. That’s nearly double the number of consoles that Sony sold in May, and a far cry from June Xbox 360 sales, which stood at 219,800 units, despite the release of Tecmo’s console-exclusive Ninja Gaiden II.

“Platform-exclusive content usually fuels hardware-system purchases, and PS3 sales certainly reflect the impact of Metal Gear Solid 4,” said NPD analyst Anita Frazier. “PS3 unit sales were the highest of any month outside of that recorded during previous November/December holiday time frames.”


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Civilization Revolution


Civilization Revolution is similar to the PC titles in the Civilization series. It is a turn based strategy game in which the player can take 16 different civilizations, each with special abilities, from prehistory to modern times and recent future. For the console version, the gameplay has been streamlined and simplified to make the game easier to play for newcomers to the series. A victory can be achieved in four ways: Domination (Capture all enemy capitals using battle methods), Technological (Win the space race to colonize Alpha Centauri by creating a spacecraft), Cultural (Build the United Nations), or Economic (Build the World bank). All of these have different requirements, such as a player controlling all of his or her respective opponents’ capital cities or gaining a large amount of resources. Many things affect what happens with your civilization and other civilizations like the terrain you built your cities on and that effects how successful your city becomes.

Civilization Revolution (full title: Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution, abbreviated title: Civ Rev) is a new iteration of Civilization being developed by Firaxis with Sid Meier as designer for Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A Wii version was originally expected but was put on indefinite hold. The lack of a PlayStation Portable version was attributed to a lack of development manpower.

There are 16 civilization leaders you can choose from, from cleopatra to queen elizabeth to mao zedong. Who would would you be?

Check out their trailer:

Official homepage

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A First 10 Rating: GTAIV

Well, maybe it’s not the first but heck, it’s rare that a respectable gaming site would give perfect 10 to a game. So Grand Theft Auto IV started off with wobbly last years’ graphics and had loads of potty mouth running around shooting and ramming things over in town. It’s a story about a gangster and it’s gangs, whaddaya expect? The game let you have up to 16 players at a time, what is not to love?

This paragraph alone makes me want to go out and get the game:

One of the many things that set GTAIV apart from its predecessors is Liberty City, which is more convincing as a living, breathing urban environment than anything that you’ve seen in a game before, and bears little resemblance to its namesake in 2001’s GTAIII. Liberty’s diverse population believably attempts to go about its daily business, seemingly unaware that several criminal factions are at war in the city. Niko has no such luck. He’s compelled to start working for one of the factions shortly after arriving, when he learns that his cousin Roman has some potentially fatal gambling debts. Niko’s military experience makes him a useful freelancer for employers in the business of killing each other, and though his reluctance to carry out their orders is often apparent, he does whatever is asked of him in the hope that completing missions for other people will ultimately give him the means to complete his own

Read it all

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Metal Gear Online Trailer (HD Quality)

God this game looks sweet. Is it stupid to splurge on a PS3 for ONE game I want to play?

time to look for rentals.

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GT5 Creator opens up

Grand Turismo 5 is on its way and Yamauchi, the creator of GT speaks up of what goodies are to come:

Talking about the two vaporware titles, Yamauchi confirmed they’re both still on the radar. He said, “Gran Turismo for Boys will most likely become a service within Gran Turismo 5, and for the PSP I don’t think we’ll be able to make this year.”

When asked what’s next for the Gran Turismo following GT5 Prologue’s European launch, Yamauchi said that, “first off, GT5 prologue is only at the halfway point to its completion. So in the next update there will be many more features added to the game. From that point to Gran Turismo 5, there’s just going to be a lot more quantity in terms of cars and of the tracks as well.”

GameSpot asked if the development of GT5 Prologue meant a longer wait for the eventual Gran Turismo 5, and Yamauchi answered, “This is true, but creating games on the PS3 is so much more difficult than we imagined at first and it took us three years to get here, and I hope our fans understand that we’re trying our best and will be moving forward [on GT5] from here on.”

Yamauchi also stated that his team at Polyphony Digital is and will be completely engrossed in Gran Turismo for the foreseeable future. He said, “We want to do other things, and I have some ideas but we don’t have any resources and time to do anything else right now, we’re focusing on getting Gran Turismo evolved and moving forward and also [Gran Turismo] for the PSP as well.”

Read the rest here…

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Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

When I first saw this game previewed, it reminded me so much of the Tomb Raider series. I guess it’s been a while since anyone came up with a Tomb-raider kind of games but still – it is sort of a rip off, but in a good way.

The game looks pretty impressive in the trailer and being only a PS3 games, I feel that they are limiting their market by doing so because of PS3’s poorer sales in relative to the other consoles.

Anyway, check out the trailer and tell me if you don’t think it looks like Tomb Raider’s chronicles.

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GTAIV New Trailer

For MONTHS after it’s been delayed, over and over again Rockstar Games released another trailer of the game – probably to tease. I think we’ve been teased enough, we want to play.


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