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Manhunt 2: Controversially yours


After much buzz about the gore and violence of the game, Gamespot decided to give the game a chance because, really, if you ask yourself why would you keep away just because it has a lot of gore and violence? There was a big hooha about the game not being able to be sold on shelves because it was rated Adult instead of just R, or something like that. But all that rating and violent mish mash aside, this game looks pretty awesome. It’s like Dawn of the Living Dead and you’d be whacking zombies except you’re not. You’re whacking human villains carrying guns and rambo knives for revenge and self protection.

Oh and you’ll be doing all the action on a Wii too.

Manhunt 2 is the follow-up to the original Manhunt, released on consoles and PCs back in 2003. The original game was a twisted tale filled with violent action, as well as stealthy gameplay, and the follow-up looks to deliver more of the same grisly goods. With all of the controversy that has surrounded Manhunt 2 in the past few weeks, it would be easy to write off the game as another episode of “Rockstar behaving badly.” But that wouldn’t really be fair to the game, which–as we discovered in a recent hands-on session–is shaping up nicely as an entertaining, if sometimes ultraviolent, tale of redemption.

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