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Destroy All Humans 1&2

Destroy All Humans

Now peeps, if you have a PS2, do get this game, Destroy All Humans 1&2. I can guarantee you the fun, humour and the rolling on the carpet at the conversations that goes on in that game. It’s just fun to play and you get to be Crypto, an alien from the Furon race that’s one a mission to collect DNA in earth so that he could reproduce his species.

Your missions include fighting beside a hot Russian spy babe, KGB agents, hippies, ninjas, and mutated agents that looked like the Swamp Thing. Of course, you cannot forget the anal probe and the brain extraction method that Crypto can execute on innocent people as well as enemies. Being an alien on rampage is definitely something everyone wishes s/he could do.

Just play the game already, will ya?

Here’s a video clip:

Destroy all humans (it’s dubbed in japanese for some reason)

Destroy all humans 2

Source: Destroy All Humans

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