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Prince of Persia Swinging into Wii?

Rumour has it, and confirmed by Ubisoft, that Prince of Persia will be swinging to the Wii afterall. There will be several versions for different consoles and Wii not excluded.

According to Ubisoft’s announcement in April, the Prince and his newly stylized digs would appear on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, with an entirely separate version also swinging to the Nintendo DS. The multiple versions seemed to resolve the discrepancy between recently retired industry tipster Surfer Girl’s leaked title–Ghosts of the Past–and an application to trademark for Prince of Persia Prodigy, filed by series creator Jordan Mechner with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. However, conspicuously absent from Ubisoft’s official reveal was a Wii version of the game, which Surfer Girl said in October was also on the way.

Despite the omission, it now appears as if Ubisoft is hammering away on a Wii version after all. French industry site LiveWii is reporting today that while their writer on hand at Ubidays failed to secure producer and onetime TV presenter Jade Raymond’s digits, he did get confirmation of Prince of Persia for the Wii. The site does not indicate the source of their reporter’s information. As for the details, LiveWii only states that the game was announced as a spin-off to the aforementioned recently announced Prince of Persia titles.

That a new Prince of Persia would not be coming to the Wii is a far more difficult pill to swallow than vice versa. Ubisoft has provided ample support to Nintendo’s console–including just announced new installments in the off-kilter Rayman Raving Rabbids series and the all-new Shaun White Snowboarding–and it makes sense that the publisher would add one of its top franchises to the hot-commodity Wii.


You can start swinging your Wii and exercise with your favorite Prince now.

Did you hear that Jake Gayllenhal will be the cast for Prince of Persia the movie? I get the eyes and all but he is so NOT the right person for it. Does anything Jake look agile to you like the prince? Come on. If they were making a romantic version of Prince of Persia where he got married and have babies maybe Jake will fit in then. Then, you can get me first class seats to its premier.

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Sam & Max with the Wii

It was announced:

And now it’s out:

This game looks especially cool on the Wii. It’s kiddy and yet refined fun, sorta reminds me of Mario Bros. But read the review here: GameSpot Sam&Max

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Tomb Raider on the Wii and XBox 360


Tomb Raider, the bodacious adventurer who succumbed to a doubtful ending in Tomb Raider 3 has now released Tomb Raider: Anniversary in the XBox 360 console and the Wii.

This week, Eidos is releasing to retail the Xbox 360 version of Tomb Raider: Anniversary. And while it typically doesn’t take much for the buxom heroine to turn heads of her own accord, Eidos is capitalizing on the increased attention anyway by announcing that Wii gamers will have a chance to go hands on with Lara Croft in Tomb Raider: Anniversary on November 13.

Similar to the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and PC versions already out, Crystal Dynamics’ redux is a fleshed-out version of the original Tomb Raider, which celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year. Bringing Lara into the 21st century, Crystal Dynamics is implementing the same engine used in last year’s Tomb Raider: Legend. The Wii version will also feature fully integrated motion-sensing controls.

As with the Xbox 360 version, Tomb Raider Anniversary is rated T for Teen and will retail for $39.99. For more on the game, check out GameSpot’s previous coverage and its review of the PS2 edition of the game.



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Manhunt 2: Controversially yours


After much buzz about the gore and violence of the game, Gamespot decided to give the game a chance because, really, if you ask yourself why would you keep away just because it has a lot of gore and violence? There was a big hooha about the game not being able to be sold on shelves because it was rated Adult instead of just R, or something like that. But all that rating and violent mish mash aside, this game looks pretty awesome. It’s like Dawn of the Living Dead and you’d be whacking zombies except you’re not. You’re whacking human villains carrying guns and rambo knives for revenge and self protection.

Oh and you’ll be doing all the action on a Wii too.

Manhunt 2 is the follow-up to the original Manhunt, released on consoles and PCs back in 2003. The original game was a twisted tale filled with violent action, as well as stealthy gameplay, and the follow-up looks to deliver more of the same grisly goods. With all of the controversy that has surrounded Manhunt 2 in the past few weeks, it would be easy to write off the game as another episode of “Rockstar behaving badly.” But that wouldn’t really be fair to the game, which–as we discovered in a recent hands-on session–is shaping up nicely as an entertaining, if sometimes ultraviolent, tale of redemption.

Read the rest here…


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Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario (スーパーペーパーマリオ, Sūpā Pēpā Mario) is a platform/role-playing video game developed by Intelligent Systems, a division of Nintendo. Originally developed for the Nintendo GameCube, it was released for the Wii on April 9, 2007 in North America. It will be released in Japan on April 19, 2007, but there has been no confirmed release date for Australia or Europe yet.

It is a combination of the previous Paper Mario titles and Super Mario Bros. titles. Unlike the RPG-style gameplay of previous Paper Mario games, the game combines platforming gameplay and RPG elements.

This is according to wikipedia. I didn’t know this exists now I want to play it! Oh whyyyyyyyyyy……since my old Nintendo i haven’t played Super Mario Bros for the longest time. I really, really miss it. If I can get it to work on PS2, I will forgo every other game and play Mario alll day lonngg. But that’s unlikely to happen unless I live in Utopia.

You can view some of the reviews on Gamespot as well. That’s where I found out about Super Paper Mario.

Source: Gamespot


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Wii would like to play The Godfather: Blackhand Edition


The Godfather: Blackhand Edition

The Godfather is regarded as one of the most greatest films of all time. No kidding, ask any guy about The Godfather and instantly you hear italian accordian music playing in the background and your guy friend transform into the a mafiozo while he tells you what The Godfather is…..i’m kidding about the special effects part.

Now, when Electronic Arts thought of making The Godfather into a game, it paid off esp in Playstation 2, PC, Xbox, and Xbox 360…now it’s Wii’s turn. Although there was a significant concern about making a well known movie into a game, it was soon placated with the amount of sales and interest when the game first set out in PS2. Now with the Wii, you can now play it with the Wiimote nunchucks and the latest software that makes Wii sooooo drool-worthy – so imagine shooting, interrogating and navigating through the NY city in the 1940s without load time. It’s awesome.

Gamespot rated this game as 7.6, which is pretty good. But I suspect that the lost of points probably went into the graphics part of the game. It could have been more refine. And also, according to the reviewer, Greg Mueller, in Gamespot, the wiimote sometimes doesn’t respond. With no means of disrespect, if you’re having a shootout with your rival gang, that could land you in the boiler room. Read the entire review.

Anyhow, The Godfather: Blackhand Edition is still worth the play. Check out it’s trailer from youtube:

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Wiimote Gun


WiiMote Gun

Well, now they’ve also come up with a gun for the Wii…for those shooting games of course. The thing is, no one knows much about it because the website endorsing it is in Japanese – so not much about it can be translated properly to give a good synopsis of the Wiimote.

I think how it works is that the Wiimote is connected to a gun like device – so techically, you can also have a rifle if you can find one that is compatible to the Wiimote. The trigger of this picture’s wiimote gun is connected to the B button and that’s pretty much all we know.

Check out their Japanese website (translated via google) HERE.

Source: Engadget

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